How to Clean Football Training Equipment


There are several Strobe Sport’s offering ways to clean football training equipment, uniforms, and helmets. You can either wash them in the washing machine or hang them to dry. You can also use FEBREZE to clean your equipment and vehicle. If you're not sure what to do with mouthguards, try using dish soap and water to wash them.

Spray down protective gear

As the football season approaches, it's important to thoroughly wash football training equipment to prevent the spread of germs and illness. To clean your football pads and helmet, you can use athletic gear disinfectant spray or a household disinfectant spray. For best results, use disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and allow the gear to air dry. You can also wash the protective gear in the washing machine. For the best results, use a top load washer with a large load and heavy soil level.

In addition to keeping the equipment clean, it also helps to eliminate offensive odors caused by bacteria. These bacteria thrive on sweat, skin cells, and blood and multiply in warm conditions. Regularly washing football gear will reduce the risk of skin irritation and the spread of infections such as Staph and MRSA. Use a paper towel or soft cloth to clean the gear and to check for missing or broken hardware.

Air out uniforms

There are a few ways to air out football training uniforms to avoid odors. First, don't store them near other sports gear or scented products. If possible, hang them outdoors to dry. Another method is to use a bleach alternative such as vinegar. This can be added to your laundry detergent to get rid of strong smells.

After washing football training uniforms, you should air them out. It is important to remember not to place them in the dryer. The uniforms are made of material that shrinks easily. The best method is to hang them up to dry.

Spray down helmets

Using a disinfectant spray is a great way to kill bacteria. Using a softer cloth to wipe down the helmet can also help, as it will prevent the pads from destroying the finish or removing the protective coating. Once the helmet is clean, it is time to reassemble it and test it for fit.

The inside of the football helmet can be very dirty from sweat and dirt. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria. When you clean it after a game or practice, make sure to use a disinfectant spray. It will keep your helmet from smelling funky. You can also use antibacterial wipes to wipe down the pads, shoulder pads, chin strap, and inside of the helmet.

A football helmet is the symbol of the football team, and it looks great when it is clean. But sweat builds up inside the helmet after a long practice, and it can become very difficult to clean it with household cleaners.

Air out pads

Proper hygiene is essential for keeping football training gear clean and disinfected. Players should wash their hands thoroughly before handling their gear. It is also a good idea to encourage players to shower and use the restroom frequently. Players should also make sure to avoid sharing personal items such as towels and soap. Airing out pads and other football equipment is an important part of keeping them sanitary. After cleaning, players should shake and brush off any visible dirt.

If you are cleaning football shoulder pads, you can use a non-bleach disinfectant spray to eliminate bacteria. Alternatively, you can use an enzyme-based stain remover, such as Hex Performance Gear Wash. Follow the product directions and air out the pads thoroughly before wearing them again.

Air out towels

Airing out towels after each game is a good idea to clean football training equipment. This method can help prevent the equipment from developing bacteria. Sweat, skin cells and blood all produce bacteria that love warm conditions and can breed on your football equipment. Keeping your football equipment clean can help prevent skin irritation and infections such as MRSA and Staph. It's a good habit to establish. Using a soft cloth or paper towel, wipe down your equipment and check for any broken hardware.

Then, air out football training equipment, including the pads. This will help keep the pads fresher for longer, reduce bacteria growth and minimize the number of times you need to launder your pads. Air out the pads every two to three days or as needed.